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Revert "CASTOR-4624: RFIO client library incorrectly processes local URLS of...

Revert "CASTOR-4624: RFIO client library incorrectly processes local URLS of the form host:path?transfertype=tape"

This reverts commit 5e89dcb2.

The bug report CASTOR-4624 is INVALID.  If implemented the solution
would break backwards compatibility with RFIO clients.  End users
should be able to create local files contain the '?' character.
parent c0cb6633
......@@ -170,22 +170,6 @@ int rfio_open64_ext_v3(char * filepath,
rfio_errno = 0;
* If the RFIO URL in the filename string of the form host:path?name=value
* contains a ? character, then terminate the string at that point.
* RFIO URLs of the form host:path?transfertype=tape are used to
* facilitate the counting of ongoing tape-transfer streams. The
* ?transfertype=tape qualifier is redundant when accessing local files
* and should therefore be removed.
char *const question_mark = strchr(filename, '?');
if(question_mark) {
*question_mark = '\0';
status= open64(filename, flags, mode) ;
rfio_errno = 0;
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