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Prepared the and file for the v3.1-6 release

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# v3.1-6
## Summary
......@@ -488,6 +488,18 @@ Currently contains a helper for the client-ar script, which should be installed
%attr(0755,root,root) /usr/bin/cta-client-ar-abortPrepare
* Mon Aug 21 2020 julien.leduc (at) - 3.1-6
- cta/CTA#881 cta-fst-gcd logs can be now sent to stdout by command line option for container based deployments
- cta/CTA#885 cta-admin should be able to query by sys.archive.file_id
- Upstream eos 4.8.15-1
- Upstream xrootd 4.12.4-1
- cta/CTA#890 CTA RPMs should only use the xrootd-client-libs package
- buildtree installation scripts are made compatible with Centos 7
- cta/CTA#892 Modified the log level of the triggering of Archive and Retrieve mounts
- cta/CTA#889 It is not possible to retrieve a file that is not active anymore
- cta/CTA#877 ObjectStore.RetrieveQueueAlgorithms unit tests fails or succeeds base on version of cmake
- cta/CTA#888 Garbage collector race condition
- cta/CTA#891 Corrected Repack Archive subrequest creation time
* Thu Aug 20 2020 julien.leduc (at) - 3.1-5
- cta/CTA#863 Prevent SQLite database files from being used as the CTA catalogue database backend
- cta/CTA#861 cta-admin comment column is flush left
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