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Preparing hotfix release 2.1.14-15-1

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......@@ -97,7 +97,6 @@
CASTOR-3424: RFE: showqueues should report an error when failing to connect to vdqm
CASTOR-3411: Remove redundant RMC HOST configuration parameter
Package Changes
This release introduces a number of changes with respect to packaging. In particular:
......@@ -279,6 +278,28 @@
to interact with a 2.1.14 disk server.
- 2.1.14-15-1 -
This is an hot-fix release that fixes the following bugs:
CASTOR-4849: Issues with aborting when the same file is mentioned more than once
CASTOR-4858: Oracle no data found errors in checkNbReplicas
CASTOR-4863: Closure of transfer protocol not working
CASTOR-4865: Castor should not recreate segments for ARCHIVED tapes
The upgrade of the stager database to 2.1.14-15-1 can be performed online while the system is running.
Upgrade the STAGER database using the stager_2.1.14-15_to_2.1.14-15-1.sql script available from:*/2.1.14-15/dbupgrades.
- 2.1.14-15 -
......@@ -55,9 +55,6 @@ INSERT INTO UpgradeLog (schemaVersion, release, type)
VALUES ('2_1_14_2', '2_1_14_15_1', 'TRANSPARENT');
/* Schema changes go here */
/* Update and revalidation of PL-SQL code */
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