Commit 7bddb273 authored by Cedric CAFFY's avatar Cedric CAFFY
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Removed the exit that caused the "Repack Just Add Copies with all Copies in CTA" fail the CI

parent 1015562f
......@@ -165,7 +165,7 @@ repackJustAddCopies() {
if [ "$VID_TO_REPACK" != "null" ]
echo "Launching the repack \"just add copies\" test on VID ${VID_TO_REPACK} with all copies already on CTA"
kubectl -n ${NAMESPACE} exec client -- bash /root/ -v ${VID_TO_REPACK} -b ${REPACK_BUFFER_URL} -a -r ${BASE_REPORT_DIRECTORY}/Step$1-JustAddCopiesAllCopiesInCTA || exit 1
kubectl -n ${NAMESPACE} exec client -- bash /root/ -v ${VID_TO_REPACK} -b ${REPACK_BUFFER_URL} -a -r ${BASE_REPORT_DIRECTORY}/Step$1-JustAddCopiesAllCopiesInCTA
echo "No vid found to repack"
exit 1
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