Commit 788d15f4 authored by Steven Murray's avatar Steven Murray
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Revert "Revert "#129: changed kill signal to SEGV in case of timeout.""

This reverts commit f48bbcd2.

This is a revert of a revert that at the end of the day causes
a stuck data transfer process to core dump when the mother
process times it out.  In detail the mother process now sends
a SEGV signal to a stuck data transfer process.
parent 77b21bef
......@@ -816,7 +816,7 @@ SubprocessHandler::ProcessingStatus DriveHandler::processTimeout() {
} catch (...) {}
try {
params.add("SubprocessId", m_pid);
exception::Errnum::throwOnMinusOne(::kill(m_pid, SIGKILL));
exception::Errnum::throwOnMinusOne(::kill(m_pid, SIGSEGV));
m_processManager.logContext().log(log::WARNING, "In DriveHandler::processTimeout(): Killed subprocess.");
} catch (exception::Exception & ex) {
params.add("Error", ex.getMessageValue());
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