Commit 71a7728a authored by David COME's avatar David COME
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Reordere the execution of the inner reports in RecallReportPacker

parent ee6a0303
......@@ -214,12 +214,29 @@ void RecallReportPacker::WorkerThread::run(){
while(1) {
std::auto_ptr<Report> rep (m_parent.m_fifo.pop());
* this boolean is only true if it is the last turn of the loop
* == rep is ReportEndOFSession or ReportEndOFSessionWithError
bool isItTheEnd = rep->goingToEnd();
* if it is not the last turn, we want to execute the report
* (= insert the file into thr right list of results) BEFORE (trying to)
* flush
//how mane files we have globally treated
unsigned int totalSize = m_parent.m_listReports->failedRecalls().size() +
//If we have enough reports or we are going to end the loop
//then we flush
if(totalSize >= m_parent.m_reportFilePeriod || rep->goingToEnd() ||
// or it is the end (== unconditional flush )
// or we bypass the queuing system if the client is readtp
// then we flush
if(totalSize >= m_parent.m_reportFilePeriod || isItTheEnd ||
detail::ReportByFile == m_parent.m_reportBatching)
......@@ -236,8 +253,14 @@ void RecallReportPacker::WorkerThread::run(){
if(rep->goingToEnd()) {
* It is the last turn of loop, we are going to send
* an EndOfSession (WithError) to the client. We need to have flushed
* all leftover BEFORE. Because as soon as we report the end, we can not
* report any the longer the success or failure of any job
if(isItTheEnd) {
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