Commit 704324e5 authored by Eric Cano's avatar Eric Cano
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Fixed mix-up between files and bytes when constructing the filesToMigrateListRequest

in ClientProxy.
parent 9670d85d
......@@ -222,13 +222,13 @@ uint64_t files, uint64_t bytes, RequestReport& report)
report.transactionId = ++m_transactionId;
// 2) Exchange messages with the server
std::auto_ptr<tapegateway::GatewayMessage> resp(
requestResponseSession(ftmReq, report));
// 3) We expect either a NoMoreFiles response or FilesToRecallList
// 3a) Handle the FilesToRecallListl
// 3) We expect either a NoMoreFiles response or FilesToMigrateList
// 3a) Handle the FilesToMigrateList
try {
tapegateway::FilesToMigrateList & ftm =
dynamic_cast <tapegateway::FilesToMigrateList &>(*resp);
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