Commit 6fac0618 authored by Michael Davis's avatar Michael Davis
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Revert "cta/CTA#584 Verifies checksum before writing disk replica"

This reverts commit 1d31d166.
parent 4fd58382
......@@ -127,7 +127,11 @@ public:
// end of file. append() also protects against reading too big tape blocks.
while (mb->m_payload.append(*rf)) {
checksum_adler32 = mb->m_payload.adler32(checksum_adler32);
if(isVerifyOnly) {
// Normally, the checksum is calculated in DiskWriteTask::execute(). In verification-only mode, there is no
// write to disk. As we need to validate the checksum, we calculate it here.
checksum_adler32 = mb->m_payload.adler32(checksum_adler32);
} catch (const cta::exception::EndOfFile&) {
// append() signaled the end of the file.
......@@ -147,18 +151,17 @@ public:
// Don't write the file to disk
// If we reached the end of the file, validate the checksum (throws an exception on bad checksum)
if(!stillReading) {
tapeReadChecksum.insert(cta::checksum::ADLER32, checksum_adler32);
// Pass the block to the disk write task
localStats.waitReportingTime += timer.secs(cta::utils::Timer::resetCounter);
} //end of while(stillReading)
// We have to signal the end of the tape read to the disk write task.
if(isVerifyOnly) {
tapeReadChecksum.insert(cta::checksum::ADLER32, checksum_adler32);
// we have to signal the end of the tape read to the disk write task.
// Log the successful transfer
localStats.totalTime = localTime.secs();
......@@ -192,18 +195,19 @@ public:
.add("checksumType", "ADLER32")
.add("checksumValue", cta::checksum::ChecksumBlob::ByteArrayToHex(;
if(isVerifyOnly) {
params.add("checksumType", "ADLER32")
.add("checksumValue", cta::checksum::ChecksumBlob::ByteArrayToHex(;
lc.log(cta::log::INFO, "File successfully read from tape");
// Add the local counts to the session's
} //end of try
catch (const cta::exception::Exception & ex) {
// We end up here because:
//-- openReadFile brought us here (can't position to the file)
//we end up there because :
//-- openReadFile brought us here (cant position to the file)
//-- m_payload.append brought us here (error while reading the file)
//-- Checksum validation failed (after reading the last block from tape)
// Record the error in the watchdog
if (currentErrorToCount.size()) {
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