Commit 6e5622f8 authored by Julien Leduc's avatar Julien Leduc
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reverting: systemctl cannot see new services... There must be too many

services removed in the previous one.
The solution for now is to disable selinux on the host running the
parent 05afb08b
......@@ -104,16 +104,6 @@ RUN chmod 744 /etc/rc.local
# with an image that already contains selinux
ADD ${BASEDIR}/etc_selinux_config /etc/selinux/config
# remove a few services...
RUN (cd /lib/systemd/system/; for i in *; do [ $i == systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service ] || rm -f $i; done); \
rm -f /lib/systemd/system/*;\
rm -f /etc/systemd/system/*.wants/*;\
rm -f /lib/systemd/system/*; \
rm -f /lib/systemd/system/*udev*; \
rm -f /lib/systemd/system/*initctl*; \
rm -f /lib/systemd/system/*;\
rm -f /lib/systemd/system/*;
# One more thing so that we can use systemd
VOLUME [ "/sys/fs/cgroup" ]
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