Commit 67b83c71 authored by Victor Kotlyar's avatar Victor Kotlyar
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Added makeMinimalVFS to the cta-systemtests rpm.

parent fe650ba4
......@@ -234,6 +234,7 @@ Unit tests and system tests with virtual tape drives
%attr(0755,root,root) %{_libdir}/
%attr(0755,root,root) %{_libdir}/
%attr(0755,root,root) %{_bindir}/cta-systemTests
%attr(0755,root,root) %{_bindir}/makeMinimalVFS
%attr(0755,root,root) %{_libdir}/
%attr(0644,root,root) %{_datadir}/%{name}-%{ctaVersion}/unittest/*.suppr
......@@ -87,6 +87,7 @@ install(TARGETS ctaobjectstoreunittests DESTINATION usr/${CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR})
add_executable(makeMinimalVFS makeMinimalVFS.cpp)
protobuf ctaobjectstore ctacommon ctautils)
install(TARGETS makeMinimalVFS DESTINATION usr/bin)
add_executable(listObjectStore listObjectStore.cpp)
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