Commit 638eaa4a authored by David COME's avatar David COME
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Amended FakeClient to take into account the new virtual functions of ClientInterface

parent 9c962fbc
......@@ -36,9 +36,11 @@ public:
virtual void reportMigrationResults(tapegateway::FileMigrationReportList & migrationReport,
RequestReport& report) throw (castor::tape::Exception){}
virtual tapegateway::FilesToRecallList * getFilesToRecall(uint64_t files,
uint64_t bytes, RequestReport &report)
throw (castor::tape::Exception)
uint64_t bytes, RequestReport &report) throw (castor::tape::Exception)
......@@ -46,6 +48,11 @@ public:
return lists[m_current++];
virtual void reportEndOfSessionWithError(const std::string & errorMsg, int errorCode,
RequestReport &transactionReport) throw (castor::tape::Exception) {};
virtual void reportEndOfSession(RequestReport &report) throw (Exception) {}
std::vector<tapegateway::FilesToRecallList*> lists;
int m_current;
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