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......@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ following contents.
For the xroot rpms create the \texttt{/etc/yum.repos.d/eos.repo} file with the
For the xroot rpms create the \texttt{/etc/yum.repos.d/epel.repo} file with the
following contents.
......@@ -216,15 +216,9 @@ slot KVNO Principal
4 14 eos/
5 14 eos/
6 14 eos/
7 14 host/
8 14 host/
9 14 host/
ktutil: delent 1
ktutil: delent 1
ktutil: delent 1
ktutil: delent 4
ktutil: delent 4
ktutil: delent 4
ktutil: l
slot KVNO Principal
---- ---- ---------------------------------------------------------------------
......@@ -261,14 +255,14 @@ Configure the kerberos athentication mechanism of xroot to read the EOS
specific kerberos \texttt{keytab} file.
sudo sed -i 's/^sec.protocol krb5.*/sec.protocol
krb5 \/etc\/krb5.keytab.eos host\/<host>@CERN.CH/' /etc/
krb5 \/etc\/krb5.keytab.eos eos\/<host>@CERN.CH/' /etc/
Set the order of authentication mechanisms to be used to kerberos followed by
simple shared secret.
sudo sed -i 's/^sec.protbind.*/# &/' /etc/
sudo sed -i 's/^# sec.protbind \*.*/sec.protbind only krb5 sss/'
sudo sed -i 's/^# sec.protbind \*.*/sec.protbind * only krb5 sss/'
The protocol configuration lines in the newly created \texttt{} file
......@@ -341,9 +335,58 @@ root://
Create the \texttt{/eos} directory within the EOS namespace, map it to the EOS
\texttt{default} space and then set the number of replicas to 1.
sudo eos mkdir /eos
sudo eos attr -r set default=replica /eos
sudo eos attr -r set sys.forced.nstripes="1" /eos
sudo eos attr -r set sys.forced.nstripes=1 /eos
\section{Compile CTA}
On a blank system, the following packages are needed to compile CTA:
yum install gcc-c++
yum install cmake
yum install xrootd-devel
yum install xrootd-client-devel
yum install xrootd-server-devel
yum install xrootd-private-devel
yum install sqlite-devel
yum install protobuf-devel
yum install gtest-devel
yum install gmock-devel
yum install castor-devel
yum install librados-devel
yum install rados-devel
yum install librados2-devel <- this required ceph.repo
yum install libradosstriper1-devel
yum install libattr-devel libuuid-devel
yum install cryptopp-devel
yum install binutils-devel
yum install zeromq3-devel
yum install libcap-devel
yum install openssl-devel
yum install castor-lib-client castor-lib-server <- this required CASTOR_SLC6.repo (or castor-jenkins.repo)
yum install castor-tapegatewayd
yum install castor-tapegateway-server
yum install castor-libtapegatewayd
yum install castor-lib-tape
And also:
yum install ccache
#cat /etc/yum.repos.d/ceph.repo
name=Ceph repository
#cat /etc/yum-puppet.repos.d/CASTOR_SLC6.repo
name=CASTOR SLC6 repository
\section{Create the mock nameserver base directory}
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