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......@@ -142,6 +142,100 @@ Source:~\cite{xin_zhao_tape_usage}
\item SW development status report (Eric/Steve)
\item Commonalities and differences with CASTOR from user perspective. What do users gain? (Michael)
\item Testing status report: Scale tests, stress tests (Julien+Michael)
\item FTS integration paper and status (Michael/Steve)
\item Field test setup and config/monitoring automation (Julien/Vlado(?))
\item Deployment model (Michael/German)
\item Discussion with experiments status (Michael)
\item Migration plans\ldots as far as known
\item Outlook (All)
\section{Future of Archival Storage at CERN}
pre-GDB presentation (Eric)
\subsection{What is EOS+CTA?}
EOS plus CTA is a ``drop in'' replacement for CASTOR
CTA is:
\item Natural evolution of CASTOR
\item A tape backend for EOS
\item A preemptive tape drive scheduler
\item A clean separation between disk and tape
\item XRootD based recalls (not SRM)
\subsection{Making the most of tape}
\item Single step mount scheduling for tape+drive
\item Avoids choosing tapes that no drive will serve when writing $\rightarrow$ improves write mount latency
\item Mount preemption
\item Replace handcrafted/scripted drive dedications
\item Allow full utilization of drives all the time
\item Background repack/verify user will yield to user mounts
\item Many possible combinations (priority based)
\item Recommended Access Order (RAO)
\item Optimizes read order to minimize seek time
\item 4$\times$--5$\times$ speedups for a typical O(100s) files recall mount
\item Backport to CASTOR coming soon
\item \ldots but enterprise drives only
\subsection{Status and Timeline}
Preliminary EOS-CTA integration
Archive and retrieve files to/from EOS
\item Request queueing
Decentralized single step scheduling
Administrative interface
\item Drive control
\item Tape management
\item File routing to tape
Recommended access order (RAO) prototype
All drive features from CASTOR
Streamlining and extension of EOS-CTA interface (from scripts to RPC)
\item Object store performance optimization
\item Repack \& verification
\item Mount preemption
\item Library support rework (currently using the one of CASTOR)
EOS-CTA catalogue synchronizations
\item Reconciliation \& tape based disaster recovery
\section{CTA Object Store}
Group Meeting presentation (Eric)
\subsection{What is CTA's object store?}
Contention management
\subsection{CTA queueing, differences with CASTOR}
\subsection{Object store vs DBs}
\section{Testing and Deployment}
\subsection{CASTOR Deployment Model}
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