Commit 58e5b22c authored by Giuseppe Lo Presti's avatar Giuseppe Lo Presti
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Updated with latest bug fixes

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......@@ -38,27 +38,36 @@
#104810 Draining has problems when used with --file-mask=NOTONTAPE
#104671 listtransfers not working when a transfermanagerd is down
#63910 log service class on 'Processing File Query by fileid' messages
#104562 bad handling of long arguments in printmigrationroute and printrecalluser
#104601 RFE : modify/enterSvcClass should check consistency of the GCPolicies when DiskPools are shared
#104671 listtransfers not working when a transfermanagerd is down
#104672 Do not loop on same job in case of exception when trying to start it
#104708 Integrity constraint violated in GC
#104810 Draining has problems when used with --file-mask=NOTONTAPE
#104983 Replica management broken by recent improvements
#104998 Synchronization of d2d srcs too aggressive and creating issues for draining cancelation
#105004 Timeouts on transfermanagerd replies for canceled jobs are not well handled
#105005 D2D destinations do not respect backfill mechanism when source is not ready
#105006 Draining disk 2 disk copies are not always repecting the GuaranteedUserSlotsPercentage
#105008 Deleting a draining operation may result in a database deadlock
#105036 logrotation fails to signal rsyslog to reopen the log files
#105068 Draining looping when having shared pools and replicated files
#104966 Handle overlapping chunks of data in gridFTP plugin (by raising an error)
Repack and tape related
#104856 RFE: make the timeout to expire old requests different for failed vs. successful ones
#104892 Concurrent repack of dual copy files does not generate two racing recall jobs
#105032 RFE: tapegatewayd should log "no more space on device" events from the vmgr as warnings
#105037 RFE: vmgr should be able to log errors
#76759 nsgetpath should fall back to use default nameserver "castorns"
#104523 RFE: add -n option on nsls to avoid resolution of user and group names
#104849 RFE: expose stager timeouts on rfcp
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