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Adding an indirection level in the directory structure to allow a

dedicated PV for quarkdb
parent 6f2965a4
# I need 2 level of directories for quarkdb:
# /var/lib/<possible PV mount point>/<directory owned by xrootd>
# this way I can either use:
# - a PV that mounts a dedicated SSD for long tests
# - a directory in the container for shorter ones
QUARKDB_DIRECTORY=$(cat ${QUARKDB_CONFIG} | grep redis.database | sed -e 's/.*redis.database\ \+//')
QUARKDB_DIRECTORY=$(cat ${QUARKDB_CONFIG} | grep redis.database | sed -e 's/.*redis.database\ \+//;s%/\ *$%%')
QUARKDB_SUBDIRECTORY=$(echo ${QUARKDB_DIRECTORY} | sed -e 's%/[^/]\+/*\ *$%%')
# make sure the first level of directory exists if there is no mounted PV
yum-config-manager --enable eos-quarkdb
apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
name: eos-config
config: eos
data: |
mgmofs.nslib /usr/lib64/
mgmofs.qdbcluster localhost:7777
xrootd-quarkdb.cfg: |
xrd.port 7777
xrd.protocol redis:7777 /usr/lib64/
redis.mode standalone
redis.database /var/lib/quarkdb/quarkdb1
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