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Added finish() method to MigrationTaskInjector like in RecallTaskInjector.

It will allow flushing of potential leftover requests at the end of as session and a controlled thread end.
parent f831a93a
......@@ -105,6 +105,27 @@ namespace daemon {
castor::tape::threading::MutexLocker ml(&m_producerProtection);
m_queue.push(Request(maxFiles, byteSizeThreshold, lastCall));
bool MigrationTaskInjector::synchronousInjection(uint64_t maxFiles,
uint64_t byteSizeThreshold) {
client::ClientProxy::RequestReport reqReport;
if(NULL == filesToMigrateList.get()) {
m_lc.log(LOG_ERR, "No files to migrate: empty mount");
return false;
} else {
std::vector<tapegateway::FileToMigrateStruct*>& jobs=filesToMigrateList->filesToMigrate();
return true;
void MigrationTaskInjector::finish(){
castor::tape::threading::MutexLocker ml(&m_producerProtection);
void MigrationTaskInjector::WorkerThread::run(){
......@@ -138,8 +159,21 @@ namespace daemon {
Request req = m_parent.m_queue.pop();
} // end of while(1)
m_parent.m_lc.log(LOG_DEBUG, "Finishing MigrationTaskInjector thread");
/* We want to finish at the first lastCall we encounter.
* But even after sending finish() to m_diskWriter and to m_tapeReader,
* m_diskWriter might still want some more task (the threshold could be crossed),
* so we discard everything that might still be in the queue
bool stillReading =true;
while(stillReading) {
Request req = m_parent.m_queue.pop();
if (req.end) stillReading = false;
LogContext::ScopedParam sp(m_parent.m_lc, Param("lastCall", req.lastCall));
m_parent.m_lc.log(LOG_INFO,"In MigrationTaskInjector::WorkerThread::run(): popping extra request");
......@@ -67,8 +67,33 @@ public:
* Start the inner thread
void startThreads();
* Function for a feed-back loop purpose between MigrationTaskInjector and
* DiskReadThreadPool. When DiskReadThreadPool::popAndRequestMoreJobs detects
* it has not enough jobs to do to, it is class to push a request
* in order to (try) fill up the queue.
* @param maxFiles files count requested.
* @param maxBlocks total bytes count at least requested
* @param lastCall true if we want the new request to be a last call.
* See Request::lastCall
void requestInjection(int maxFiles, int byteSizeThreshold, bool lastCall);
* Contact the client to make sure there are really something to do
* Something = migration at most maxFiles or at least maxBytes
* @param maxFiles files count requested.
* @param byteSizeThreshold total bytes count at least requested
* @return true if there are jobs to be done, false otherwise
bool synchronousInjection(uint64_t maxFiles, uint64_t byteSizeThreshold);
* Send an end token in the request queue. There should be no subsequent
* calls to requestInjection.
void finish();
/*Compute how many blocks are needed for a file of fileSize bytes*/
......@@ -86,7 +111,10 @@ private:
class Request {
Request(int mf, int mb, bool lc):
nbMaxFiles(mf), byteSizeThreshold(mb), lastCall(lc) {}
nbMaxFiles(mf), byteSizeThreshold(mb), lastCall(lc), end(false) {}
nbMaxFiles(-1), byteSizeThreshold(-1), lastCall(true),end(true) {}
const int nbMaxFiles;
const int byteSizeThreshold;
......@@ -97,6 +125,11 @@ private:
* and can send into all the different threads a signal .
const bool lastCall;
* True indicates the task injector will not receive any more request.
const bool end;
class WorkerThread: public castor::tape::threading::Thread {
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