Commit 4939bf04 authored by Steven Murray's avatar Steven Murray Committed by Cedric Caffy
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CtaAdminCmd::send() now calls formattedText.printMediaTypeLsHeader()

parent edca9f75
......@@ -297,6 +297,7 @@ void CtaAdminCmd::send() const
case HeaderType::DISKSYSTEM_LS: formattedText.printDiskSystemLsHeader(); break;
case HeaderType::VIRTUALORGANIZATION_LS: formattedText.printVirtualOrganizationLsHeader(); break;
case HeaderType::VERSION_CMD: formattedText.printVersionHeader(); break;
case HeaderType::MEDIATYPE_LS: formattedText.printMediaTypeLsHeader(); break;
case HeaderType::NONE:
default: break;
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