Commit 446bc8bc authored by Cedric Caffy's avatar Cedric Caffy
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Uncommented the passing of the to the FST in the

parent 5e687c25
......@@ -460,8 +460,7 @@ void RequestMessage::processCLOSEW(const cta::eos::Notification &notification, c
m_lc.log(cta::log::INFO, "In RequestMessage::processCLOSEW(): queued file for archive.");
// Set response type and add archive request reference as an extended attribute.
//TODO: store archiveRequestAddr in EOS
//response.mutable_xattr()->insert(google::protobuf::MapPair<std::string,std::string>("", archiveRequestAddr));
response.mutable_xattr()->insert(google::protobuf::MapPair<std::string,std::string>("", archiveRequestAddr));
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