Commit 438740c6 authored by Giuseppe Lo Presti's avatar Giuseppe Lo Presti
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More verbose log message in case of errors

parent 65e003a1
......@@ -208,7 +208,12 @@ BEGIN
SELECT count(*) INTO nbMissingImports FROM Err$_Tape_File;
IF nbMissingImports = nbPreviousErrors THEN
IF nbPreviousErrors > 0 THEN
CNS_ctaLog(inTapePool, 'Tape files import completed. Still '|| nbPreviousErrors
||' cases from previous imports in the Err$_Tape_File table');
CNS_ctaLog(inTapePool, 'Tape files import completed');
CNS_ctaLog(inTapePool, 'Tape files import NOT fully completed, '|| (nbMissingImports-nbPreviousErrors)
||' files are missing: please check the Err$_Tape_File table');
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