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......@@ -456,3 +456,13 @@ Collection of utilities deployed in system test client containers.
Currently contains a helper for the client-ar script, which should be installed alongside it.
%files -n cta-systemtest-helpers
%attr(0755,root,root) /usr/bin/cta-client-ar-abortPrepare
* Tue Feb 11 2020 julien.leduc (at) - 1.0-4
- Upgrade the catalogue schema from version 1.0 to 1.1 before updating CTA components.
- Added cta-admin tapefile ls command
- Scheduler does not schedule a mount if a tape is disabled (unless for a Repack with the --disabledtape flag set)
- Added a new schema verification tool (cta-catalogue-schema-verify)
- Added a new tape statistic updater tool (cta-statistics-update)
- Added backward-compatible Catalogue schema changes
- CASTOR-To-CTA migration improvements
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