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Added a unit test for migrations.

This unit test still needs additional checks for completion (currently commented out).
parent bab0e672
......@@ -40,6 +40,16 @@
#include "castor/tape/tapegateway/EndNotificationErrorReport.hpp"
#include "castor/tape/tapegateway/NotificationAcknowledge.hpp"
#include "castor/tape/tapeserver/file/File.hpp"
#include "castor/tape/tapegateway/RetryPolicyElement.hpp"
#include "smc_struct.h"
#include <sys/mman.h>
#include <zlib.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <fcntl.h>
#include <xfs/platform_defs-x86_64.h>
using namespace castor::tape::tapeserver;
using namespace castor::tape::tapeserver::daemon;
......@@ -56,7 +66,7 @@ private:
TEST(tapeServer, MountSessionGoodday) {
TEST(tapeServer, MountSessionGooddayRecall) {
// TpcpClients only supports 32 bits session number
// This number has to be less than 2^31 as in addition there is a mix
// of signed and unsigned numbers
......@@ -199,4 +209,141 @@ TEST(tapeServer, MountSessionNoSuchDrive) {
ASSERT_NE(std::string::npos, logger.getLog().find("Drive not found on this path"));
class tempFile {
tempFile(size_t size): m_size(size) {
// Create a temporary file
int randomFd = open("/dev/urandom", 0);
castor::exception::Errnum::throwOnMinusOne(randomFd, "Error opening /dev/urandom");
char path[100];
strncpy(path, "/tmp/castorUnitTestMigrationSourceXXXXXX", 100);
int tmpFileFd = mkstemp(path);
castor::exception::Errnum::throwOnMinusOne(tmpFileFd, "Error creating a temporary file");
m_path = path;
char * buff = NULL;
try {
buff = new char[size];
if(!buff) { throw castor::exception::Exception("Failed to allocate memory to read /dev/urandom"); }
castor::exception::Errnum::throwOnMinusOne(read(randomFd, buff, size));
castor::exception::Errnum::throwOnMinusOne(write(tmpFileFd, buff, size));
m_checksum = adler32(0L, Z_NULL, 0);
m_checksum = adler32(m_checksum, (const Bytef *)buff, size);
} catch (...) {
delete[] buff;
~tempFile() {
const size_t m_size;
const std::string path() const { return m_path; }
uint32_t checksum() const { return m_checksum; }
std::string m_path;
uint32_t m_checksum;
class tempFileVector: public std::vector<tempFile *> {
~tempFileVector() {
while(size()) {
delete back();
struct expectedResult {
expectedResult(int fs, uint32_t cs): fSeq(fs), checksum(cs) {}
int fSeq;
uint32_t checksum;
TEST(tapeServer, MountSessionGooddayMigration) {
// TpcpClients only supports 32 bits session number
// This number has to be less than 2^31 as in addition there is a mix
// of signed and unsigned numbers
// As the current ids in prod are ~30M, we are far from overflow (Feb 2013)
// 0) Prepare the logger for everyone
castor::log::StringLogger logger("tapeServerUnitTest");
// 1) prepare the client and run it in another thread
uint32_t volReq = 0xBEEF;
std::string vid = "V12345";
std::string density = "8000GC";
client::ClientSimulator sim(volReq, vid, density, tapegateway::WRITE_TP,
client::ClientSimulator::ipPort clientAddr = sim.getCallbackAddress();
clientRunner simRun(sim);
// 2) Prepare the VDQM request
castor::tape::legacymsg::RtcpJobRqstMsgBody VDQMjob;
snprintf(VDQMjob.clientHost, CA_MAXHOSTNAMELEN+1, "%d.%d.%d.%d",
clientAddr.a, clientAddr.b, clientAddr.c, clientAddr.d);
snprintf(VDQMjob.driveUnit, CA_MAXUNMLEN+1, "T10D6116");
snprintf(VDQMjob.dgn, CA_MAXDGNLEN+1, "LIBXX");
VDQMjob.clientPort = clientAddr.port;
VDQMjob.volReqId = volReq;
// 3) Prepare the necessary environment (logger, plus system wrapper),
// construct and run the session.
castor::tape::System::mockWrapper mockSys;
//delete is unnecessary
//pointer with ownership will be passed to the application,
//which will do the delete
mockSys.fake.m_pathToDrive["/dev/nst0"] = new castor::tape::drives::FakeDrive;
// Just label the tape
castor::tape::tapeFile::LabelSession ls(*mockSys.fake.m_pathToDrive["/dev/nst0"],
"V12345", true);
tempFileVector tempFiles;
std::vector<expectedResult> expected;
// Prepare the files (in real filesystem as they will be opened by the rfio client)
for (int fseq=1; fseq<=10; fseq++) {
// Create the file from which we will recall
std::auto_ptr<tempFile> tf(new tempFile(1000));
// Prepare the migrationRequest
castor::tape::tapegateway::FileToMigrateStruct ftm;
ftm.setFileid(1000 + fseq);
expected.push_back(expectedResult(fseq, tf->checksum()));
utils::TpconfigLines tpConfig;
// Actual TPCONFIG lifted from prod
tpConfig.push_back(utils::TpconfigLine("T10D6116", "T10KD6",
"/dev/tape_T10D6116", "8000GC", "down", "acs0,1,1,6", "T10000"));
tpConfig.push_back(utils::TpconfigLine("T10D6116", "T10KD6",
"/dev/tape_T10D6116", "5000GC", "down", "acs0,1,1,6", "T10000"));
MountSession::CastorConf castorConf;
castorConf.rtcopydBufsz = 1024*1024; // 1 MB memory buffers
castorConf.rtcopydNbBufs = 10;
castorConf.tapebridgeBulkRequestRecallMaxBytes = UINT64_C(100)*1000*1000*1000;
castorConf.tapebridgeBulkRequestRecallMaxFiles = 1000;
castorConf.tapeserverdDiskThreads = 1;
MountSession sess(VDQMjob, logger, mockSys, tpConfig, castorConf);
// for (std::vector<struct expectedResult>::iterator i = expected.begin();
// i != expected.end(); i++) {
// ASSERT_EQ(i->checksum, sim.m_receivedChecksums[i->fSeq]);
// }
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