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author={S. Murray and V. Bahyl and G. Cancio and E. Cano and V. Kotlyar and D. F. Kruse and J. Leduc},
title={An efficient, modular and simple tape archiving solution for LHC Run--3},
journal={Journal of Physics: Conference Series},
abstract={The IT Storage group at CERN develops the software responsible for archiving to tape the custodial copy of the physics data generated by the LHC experiments. Physics run 3 will start in 2021 and will introduce two major challenges for which the tape archive software must be evolved. Firstly the software will need to make more efficient use of tape drives in order to sustain the predicted data rate of 150 petabytes per year as opposed to the current 50 petabytes per year. Secondly the software will need to be seamlessly integrated with EOS, which has become the de facto disk storage system provided by the IT Storage group for physics data. The tape storage software for LHC physics run 3 is code named CTA (the CERN Tape Archive). This paper describes how CTA will introduce a pre-emptive drive scheduler to use tape drives more efficiently, will encapsulate all tape software into a single module that will sit behind one or more EOS systems, and will be simpler by dropping support for obsolete backwards compatibility.}
% Set serif font to Paratype
% Colours
\RequirePackage{xcolor} % Colours
\RequirePackage{colortbl} % Colour tables
% CERN blue is Pantone 286 = RGB 56 97 170, defined as cern@blue below
\definecolor{cern@ltblue}{rgb}{0.415686,0.611765,0.964706} % RGB 106 156 246
\definecolor{cern@blue} {rgb}{0.219608,0.380392,0.666667} % RGB 56 97 170
\definecolor{cern@dkblue}{rgb}{0.082353,0.184314,0.364706} % RGB 21 47 93
% Complimentary colours
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\title{CERN Tape Archive---from development to production deployment}
\author{Michael Charles Davis\textsuperscript{1}, German Cancio Melia\textsuperscript{1}, Eric Cano\textsuperscript{1}, Steven Murray\textsuperscript{1}, Julien Leduc\textsuperscript{1}, Vladímir Bahyl\textsuperscript{1}}
\address{\textsuperscript{1}European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN, CH-1211 Gen\`eve 23}
\ead{\{michael.davis, german.cancio.melia, eric.cano, steven.murray, julien.leduc, vladimir.bahyl\}}
\author{Michael Charles Davis, Vlad\'imir Bahyl, Germ\'an Cancio, Eric Cano, Julien Leduc, Steven Murray}
\address{CERN---European Organization for Nuclear Research, 1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland}
\ead{\{michael.davis, vladimir.bahyl, german.cancio.melia, eric.cano, julien.leduc, steven.murray\}}
The first production version of the CERN Tape Archive (CTA) software is planned to be released for the
......@@ -21,7 +49,17 @@ will interface with EOS and CTA.
Last CHEP paper~\cite{chep2016}
% ---- Bibliography ----
LATEX_TMP = *.aux *.log
LATEX_TMP = *.aux *.bbl *.blg *.log *.dvi *.bak *.lof *.log *.lol *.lot *.out *.toc savedrecs.bib
all: $(TARGET)
%.pdf: %.tex
pdflatex $<
%.pdf: %.tex %.bbl
pdflatex $<
@touch $(BIBLIO)
%.bbl: %.bib
pdflatex $(subst .bib$,.tex,$<) 2> $<.log
bibtex $(subst .bib$,,$<)
pdflatex $(subst .bib$,.tex,$<)
# Phony targets
show: all
show: $(TARGET)
evince $(TARGET)
rm -f $(LATEX_TMP)
clobber: clean
rm -f $(TARGET)
.PHONY: all show clean
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