Commit 1b81b468 authored by Julien Leduc's avatar Julien Leduc
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00050-CASTOR-5279-Logical-Block-Protection-support-in-the-.patch 348300861522b28c6e74cf8a919e40509151241d
parent 6d1d97c4
......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ castor::tape::tapeserver::daemon::LabelSessionConfig
LabelSessionConfig config;
const std::string useLBP = castorConf.getConfEntString(
"TapeServer", "UseLogicalBlockProtection", "no", log);
"TapeServer", "UseLogicalBlockProtection", "no");
if (!strcasecmp(useLBP.c_str(), "yes") || !strcmp(useLBP.c_str(), "1")) {
config.useLbp = true;
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