Commit 181af036 authored by David COME's avatar David COME
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Removed some pointless stats in the tape read session

parent 87a3b3ab
......@@ -254,8 +254,6 @@ private:
delete task;
m_logContext.log(LOG_DEBUG, "TRIPLE ... in TRST");
......@@ -273,12 +271,9 @@ private:
.add("transferTime", m_stats.transferTime)
.add("waitFreeMemoryTime", m_stats.waitFreeMemoryTime)
.add("waitReportingTime", m_stats.waitReportingTime)
.add("flushTime", m_stats.flushTime)
.add("unloadTime", m_stats.unloadTime)
.add("unmountTime", m_stats.unmountTime)
.add("dataVolume", m_stats.dataVolume)
.add("headerVolume", m_stats.headerVolume)
.add("filesCount", m_stats.filesCount)
.add("dataBandwidthMiB/s", 1.0*m_stats.dataVolume
.add("driveBandwidthMiB/s", 1.0*(m_stats.dataVolume+m_stats.headerVolume)
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