Commit 179975ff authored by Victor Kotlyar's avatar Victor Kotlyar
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Ported commit 73d099f922c8c601343692917c2ee6ade1f9b4d0 from castor/master

Fixed negative number representation in memory when casting int32 to
int64. The problem occurs when using readtp with out of order fseqs.
parent 4af9c272
......@@ -219,8 +219,8 @@ namespace castor {
throw cta::exception::InvalidArgument(err.str());
int64_t fSeq_delta = fileToRecall.selectedTapeFile().fSeq
- m_session->getCurrentFseq();
const int64_t fSeq_delta = (int64_t)fileToRecall.selectedTapeFile().fSeq
- (int64_t)m_session->getCurrentFseq();
if(fileToRecall.selectedTapeFile().fSeq == 1) {
// special case: we can rewind the tape to be faster
//(TODO: in the future we could also think of a threshold above
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