Commit 0f7d252e authored by Giuseppe Lo Presti's avatar Giuseppe Lo Presti
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Fixed selection of non-DISABLED hardware for the schedulers synchronization.

However, this is to be evolved to a more robust schema, where
DISABLED hardware for too long is deemed not to have any transfer any
longer and won't stop the synchronization from being executed on the
rest of the cluster.
parent 4d766ae1
......@@ -59,12 +59,13 @@ class DiskServerListCache:
stcur = stconn.cursor()
stcur.arraysize = 50
# get all but DISABLED diskservers
stDiskServers = '''SELECT UNIQUE,
FROM FileSystem, DiskServer, DiskPool
WHERE FileSystem.diskServer =
AND FileSystem.diskPool =
AND DiskServer.status IN (0,1)
AND FileSystem.status IN (0,1)'''
AND DiskServer.status IN (0, 1, 3)
AND FileSystem.status IN (0, 1, 3)'''
rows = stcur.fetchall()
# build up the list of new ones
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