Commit 0dffe3d9 authored by Julien Leduc's avatar Julien Leduc
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It was still waiting for the script in /shared, therefore it did

parent ba83c175
......@@ -3,9 +3,9 @@
touch /var/lock/subsys/local
# for now we do tests using locally hackable resources mounter in /shared
echo -n "Waiting for /shared/rc.local" > /tmp/rc.log
for ((;;)); do test -e /shared/rc.local && break; sleep 1; echo -n . >> /tmp/rc.log; done
echo OK >> /tmp/rc.log
#echo -n "Waiting for /shared/rc.local" > /tmp/rc.log
#for ((;;)); do test -e /shared/rc.local && break; sleep 1; echo -n . >> /tmp/rc.log; done
#echo OK >> /tmp/rc.log
# rc.local envinronment is empty but I need all the kubernetes environment
# variables to go further and configure the services.
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