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\chapter{Getting the prototype up and running}
This chapter describes what you need in order to setup the CTA prototype and to get its components running.
\section{Make sure EOS is installed and running}
While installing EOS is out of the scope of this section, you should make sure to have a version of EOS which uses xroot version 4.0 or later. This is for example the case of EOS version 0.4.6.
\section{Set up the objectstore VFS backend}
First we create the new objectstore VFS backend using a simple executable:
$ <cta_build_dir>/objectstore/makeMinimalVFS
This command will return the newly created path to the VFS backend. Now we give it full permissions:
$ chmod -R 0777 <result_dir_of_previous_cmd>
Now we need to add it as a configuration parameter in the \texttt{castor.conf}, as in the following example:
TapeServer ObjectStoreBackendPath /tmp/jobStoreVFSOKJCjW
\section{Starting up the daemons}
First we start the three CASTOR daemons needed by CTA: \textbf{nsd}, \textbf{cupvd}, \textbf{rmcd}. These are the standard (unmodified) CASTOR daemons. Then we start the CTA version of \textbf{tapeserverd}.
\section{Starting up the xroot server with the CTA plugin}
Before starting the xroot server we need to change the VFS backend permissions again (because new files have been created with the \texttt{stage:st} user). Example:
$ chmod -R 0777 /tmp/jobStoreVFSOKJCjW
Then we start the actual server with its CTA plugin:
$ xrootd -c <CTA_src_dir>/xroot_plugins/ -I v4
Where \texttt{} is the xrootd configuration file (in the CTA GIT repository), that among other things specifies the CTA plugin library to use.
\section{Trying out some commands}
Now CTA should be up and running and we can try out some commands from the \texttt{cmdline} directory:
$ <cta_build_dir>/cmdline/cta ll add -n IBMJD3 -m "IBM lib 3"
$ <cta_build_dir>/cmdline/cta tp add -n cms_raw_08 -p 15 -m "CMS raw"
$ <cta_build_dir>/cmdline/cta ta add -v G12345 -l IBMJD3 -t cms_raw_08 -c 10000 -m "Tape"
$ <cta_build_dir>/cmdline/cta sc add -n single -i 2 -c 1 -m "A single copy class"
$ <cta_build_dir>/cmdline/cta ar add -s single -c 1 -t cms_raw_08 -m "Route to cms"
$ <cta_build_dir>/cmdline/cta mkdir /cta
$ <cta_build_dir>/cmdline/cta ssc /cta single
$ <cta_build_dir>/cmdline/cta csc /cta
$ <cta_build_dir>/cmdline/cta ssc /cta single
$ <cta_build_dir>/cmdline/cta ls /
$ <cta_build_dir>/cmdline/cta a "eos://eos/passwd" /cta/file5
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