Commit 0ccbdab0 authored by Steven Murray's avatar Steven Murray
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Deleted dead wood file smc_struct.h

parent c27022cf
* Copyright (C) 1998-2002 by CERN/IT/PDP/DM
* All rights reserved
#pragma once
#include "Castor_limits.h"
struct robot_info {
char inquiry[32];
int transport_start;
int transport_count;
int slot_start;
int slot_count;
int port_start;
int port_count;
int device_start;
int device_count;
struct extended_robot_info {
int smc_fd;
char smc_ldr[CA_MAXRBTNAMELEN+1];
int smc_support_voltag;
struct robot_info robot_info;
struct smc_element_info {
int element_address;
int element_type;
int state;
unsigned char asc;
unsigned char ascq;
int flags;
int source_address;
char name[9];
struct smc_status {
unsigned char asc;
unsigned char ascq;
int save_errno;
int rc; /* return code from send_scsi_cmd */
unsigned char sensekey;
int skvalid; /* sense key is valid */
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