Commit 07dc8385 authored by Elvin Sindrilaru's avatar Elvin Sindrilaru
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XROOTD: Fix third-party copy mechanism so that when the third open request comes

        (the one from the final destination), we need to reconstruct the environment
        with the original opaque information from the headnode not the one which is
        now provided in the last request.
parent 3ea71139
......@@ -329,7 +329,8 @@ XrdxCastor2OfsFile::open(const char* path,
// Set the open flags and type of operation rd_only/rdwr
mEnvOpaque = new XrdOucEnv(newopaque.c_str());
newpath = mEnvOpaque->Get("castor2fs.pfn1");
newpath = (mEnvOpaque->Get("castor2fs.pfn1") ?
mEnvOpaque->Get("castor2fs.pfn1") : "");
open_mode |= SFS_O_MKPTH;
create_mode |= SFS_O_MKPTH;
......@@ -716,10 +717,14 @@ XrdxCastor2OfsFile::PrepareTPC(XrdOucString& path,
"tpc.key in map");
// Now we can extract the transfer info
XrdOucEnv env_opaque(init_opaque.c_str());
if (ExtractTransferInfo(env_opaque))
// Now we can extract the transfer info and update the mEnvOpaque to the
// inital value from the first request where we have the CASTOR dependent
// information from the headnode
delete mEnvOpaque;
mEnvOpaque = new XrdOucEnv(init_opaque.c_str());
if (ExtractTransferInfo(*mEnvOpaque))
return SFS_ERROR;
else if (mTpcFlag == TpcFlag::kTpcDstSetup)
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