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Removed DataTransferSessionEmptyOnVolReq unit test which now locks (sessions...

Removed DataTransferSessionEmptyOnVolReq unit test which now locks (sessions now loop until they schedule).
parent a578e3c9
......@@ -965,65 +965,6 @@ TEST_P(DataTransferSessionTest, DataTransferSessionFailtoMount) {
"mountTotalReadRetries=\"25\" mountTotalWriteRetries=\"25\" mountWriteTransients=\"10\""));
TEST_P(DataTransferSessionTest, DataTransferSessionEmptyOnVolReq) {
// 0) Prepare the logger for everyone
cta::log::StringLogger logger("tapeServerUnitTest", cta::log::DEBUG);
// 1) prepare the fake scheduler
std::string vid = s_vid;
// cta::MountType::Enum mountType = cta::MountType::RETRIEVE;
// 3) Prepare the necessary environment (logger, plus system wrapper),
castor::tape::System::mockWrapper mockSys;
//delete is unnecessary
//pointer with ownership will be passed to the application,
//which will do the delete
const bool failOnMount=true;
mockSys.fake.m_pathToDrive["/dev/nst0"] = new castor::tape::tapeserver::drive::FakeDrive(failOnMount);
// 4) Create the scheduler
auto & scheduler = getScheduler();
// Always use the same requester
const cta::common::dataStructures::SecurityIdentity requester;
// 5) Report the drive's existence and put it up in the drive register.
DriveConfig driveConfig("T10D6116", "TestLogicalLibrary", "/dev/tape_T10D6116", "manual");
cta::common::dataStructures::DriveInfo driveInfo;
// We need to create the drive in the registry before being able to put it up.
scheduler.reportDriveStatus(driveInfo, cta::common::dataStructures::MountType::NoMount, cta::common::dataStructures::DriveStatus::Down);
scheduler.setDesiredDriveState(s_adminOnAdminHost, driveConfig.m_unitName, true, false);
// 6) Create the data transfer session
DataTransferConfig castorConf;
castorConf.bufsz = 1024*1024; // 1 MB memory buffers
castorConf.nbBufs = 10;
castorConf.bulkRequestRecallMaxBytes = UINT64_C(100)*1000*1000*1000;
castorConf.bulkRequestRecallMaxFiles = 1000;
castorConf.nbDiskThreads = 3;
cta::mediachanger::AcsProxyDummy acs;
cta::mediachanger::MmcProxyDummy mmc;
cta::mediachanger::RmcProxyDummy rmc;
cta::mediachanger::MediaChangerFacade mc(acs, mmc, rmc);
cta::server::ProcessCap capUtils;
castor::messages::TapeserverProxyDummy initialProcess;
DataTransferSession sess("tapeHost", logger, mockSys,
driveConfig, mc, initialProcess, capUtils, castorConf, scheduler);
std::string temp = logger.getLog();
temp += "";
ASSERT_EQ("", sess.getVid());
// We should not have logged any error
ASSERT_EQ(std::string::npos, logger.getLog().find("LVL=E"));
TEST_P(DataTransferSessionTest, DataTransferSessionGooddayMigration) {
// 0) Prepare the logger for everyone
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