Commit 030a7b24 authored by Victor Kotlyar's avatar Victor Kotlyar
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Ported commit 1f0a8a384790513c6686e96189ba243b18b675db from castor/master

CASTOR-5419: Ceph aborts when writing a 0-sized buffer

Prevented writes of zero size in DiskWriteTask. They happen
when we read from tape a file aligned with the memory block size.
parent 2d457ab4
......@@ -97,7 +97,8 @@ bool DiskWriteTask::execute(RecallReportPacker& reporter,cta::log::LogContext&
// Write the data.
currentErrorToCount = "Error_diskWrite";
if (mb->m_payload.size())
checksum = mb->m_payload.adler32(checksum);
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