Commit 023c049b authored by Eric Cano's avatar Eric Cano
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Fixed log message.

parent 4d1a663b
......@@ -2647,7 +2647,7 @@ bool OStoreDB::ArchiveJob::fail(const std::string& failureReason, log::LogContex
.add("maxRetriesWithinMount", retryStatus.maxRetriesWithinMount)
.add("totalRetries", retryStatus.totalRetries)
.add("maxTotalRetries", retryStatus.maxTotalRetries);
lc.log(log::INFO, "OStoreDB::ArchiveJob::fail(): increased the error count for retrieve job.");
lc.log(log::INFO, "OStoreDB::ArchiveJob::fail(): increased the error count for archive job.");
// The job still has a chance, return it to its original tape pool's queue
objectstore::ArchiveQueue aq(m_oStoreDB.m_objectStore);
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