Commit 0151cacc authored by Julien Leduc's avatar Julien Leduc
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ctaeos.toto.svc.cluster.local was too long for GEOTAG (>8 char): broken for eos 4.4.31 apparently

parent c3537b1e
......@@ -26,7 +26,9 @@ export EOS_AUTOLOAD_CONFIG=default
export EOS_BROKER_URL=root://DUMMY_HOST_TO_REPLACE:1097//eos/
# The EOS host geo location tag used to sort hosts into geographical (rack) locations
# Should not be longer than 8 characters now, otherwise we get:
# EOS_GEOTAG var contains a tag longer than the 8 chars maximum allowed
export EOS_GEOTAG="flat"
# The fully qualified hostname of MGM master1
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