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    cta/CTA#141 cta tape reclaim does not clean the occupancy field · fdd509c8
    Steven Murray authored
    Improved unit tests to test for the fact that reclaim should
    reset the tape occupancy field.
    The following unit now "succesfully" fails:
    [ RUN      ] InMemory/cta_catalogue_CatalogueTest.reclaimTape_full_lastFSeq_1_no_tape_files/0
    /home/smurray/CTA/catalogue/CatalogueTest.cpp:7029: Failure
    Value of: tape.dataOnTapeInBytes
      Actual: 1
    Expected: 0
    [  FAILED  ] InMemory/cta_catalogue_CatalogueTest.reclaimTape_full_lastFSeq_1_no_tape_files/0, where GetParam() = 0x7fc58e93eab0 (7 ms)
    The next step is to fix the bug in reclaim.