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    bug #82673: RFE: Tapebridged and rtcpd should support buffered tape-marks over multiple files · 9b9847c6
    Steven Murray authored
    This commit modifies the tapebridged/rtcpd protocol that is internal to a
    tape-server.  The new version of the protocol is now capable of supporting
    buffered tape-marks, though the version of rtcpd in this commit still only
    supports at best one synchronised tape-mark per file, i.e. it does not support
    buffered-tape marks over more than one file.
    The change with respect to the previous version of to the tapebridged/rtcpd
    protocol is simple.  When the rtcpd daemon knows that its client is is the
    tapebridged daemon it now sends an explicit TAPEBRIDGE_FLUSHEDTOTAPE message to
    the tapebridged daemon when it can guarantee one or more files have been
    flushed to tape.  The tapebridge daemon will now only send
    FileMigratedNotification messages to the tapegatewayd daemon for the files that
    have been explicitly flushed to tape.  The PendingMigrationsStore is used to
    hold back FileMigratedNotification messages until the appropriate
    TAPEBRIDGE_FLUSHEDTOTAPE message has been received.  The rtcpd daemon in this
    commit always does at least one synchronised tape-mark per file and sends
    always sends one TAPEBRIDGE_FLUSHEDTOTAPE per file when its client is the
    tapegatewayd daemon.