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    This commit works towards resolving the following bug: · 7cdd6509
    Steven Murray authored
        bug #50008: Incorrect logging of nsfileid and nshost
    Added the following template function to the Dlf client API so that clients
    can specify the CASTOR file id and name server host as the context for a DLF
    message whilst also being able to specify the parameters as an array which the
    C++ ifunction template mechanism will automatically determine the size of in
    order to avoid potential segmentation faults.
        template<int numparams>
        void dlf_writep (Cuuid_t uuid,
                         int severity,
                         int message_no,
                         u_signed64 fileId,
                         std::string nsHost,
                         castor::dlf::Param (&params)[numparams]) throw() {
          dlf_writep(uuid, severity, message_no, fileId, nsHost, numparams,