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# dCache CTA integration
gRPC based frontend for integration with dCache 7.2.2 and later. This is thin layer
that only populates CTA catalog and scheduler queue. THe connection between a CTA and
a dCache instance maintained by hsm URI, for example:
where _00001D43C0C086CA459298C634D67F68AB6B_ corresponds to the dCache unique file id
(so called pnfs id) and _8402_ corresponds to the archive id within CTA catalog.
> NOTE: the original file name, owner and owner group are not propagated by dCache to CTA.
## Configuration
As mentioned above, the _cta-dcache_ interface requires only connection to the CTA catalog
and the scheduler. Those configurations are taken from `/etc/cta/cta-catalogue.conf` and
`/etc/cta/cta.conf`. The TPC port number used to accept dCache requests is specified in
`/etc/sysconfig/cta-dcache` and defaults to `17017`.
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