Commit 2269c0aa authored by Gernot Maier's avatar Gernot Maier
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dCache copy

parent 16373e12
...@@ -34,7 +34,10 @@ do ...@@ -34,7 +34,10 @@ do
do do
FP=$(basename $F) FP=$(basename $F)
if [[ ! -e ${1}/${PP}/${FP} ]]; then if [[ ! -e ${1}/${PP}/${FP} ]]; then
cp -v /pnfs/${F} ${1}/${PP}/ #cp -v /pnfs/${F} ${1}/${PP}/
dccp ${F} ${1}/${PP}/
echo "file found: ${1}/${PP}/${FP}"
fi fi
done done
done done
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