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    The larger modification of the structure, as discussed (and hopefully accepted) with Claus: · 0f2de784
    Christoph Rosemann authored and Claus Kleinwort's avatar Claus Kleinwort committed
    Big changes:
    ! change to building with CMake, which makes packaging and compilation easier (hopefully)
    ! introduced a "namespace gbl" to all files
    ! introduced different directory structure and moved all files:
    		src/ and include/ for implementation and header files, respectively
    !+ added an examples/ directory for example executables, moved existing example there
    + added a doc/ directory, which contains a Doxyfile (and the logo) for documentation generation
    + additional cmake/ directory for some macros and settings
    + added CMakeLists.txt files in root and example directory as configuration files
    + added a README file, which should explain/help the build process
    Please check the README file for instructions.
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