Commit c51422d4 authored by Jerome Carnis's avatar Jerome Carnis 🦊
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.gitlab-ci.yml: add comment about disabling the step `mypy-windows`

parent 1165ee6e
......@@ -45,6 +45,12 @@ mypy:
- python -m pip install mypy
- PYTHONPATH=".:$PYTHONPATH" mypy --conf mypy.ini kamzik3
# Below is commented out because the Windows runner is not yet available
# see rt #1140128 (Philipp also cc'ed in the ticket)
# answer from Elena ( from 4 May 2022: "The docker-windows runner
# was once registered in GitLab, but it has never worked so far, we are still on it. We
# will assign your project as soon as the runner is available."
# image: python:3.9-windowsservercore
# tags:
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