Commit fb85306a authored by Benjamin Schwenker's avatar Benjamin Schwenker
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fix problem with units

parent 2e382b66
......@@ -587,12 +587,12 @@ SKB2_ACC_PVS = SKB2_ACC_PVS + SKB2_MR_OPTICS_LER_PVS + SKB2_MR_OPTICS_HER_PVS
# Unit string for variables. Using latex, for matplotlib plots
"VXD_Rad": "mRad/s",
"CLAWS": "MHz/s",
"PXD": "%",
"CLAWS_RATE": "MHz/s",
"PXD_OCC": "%",
"SVD_OccMon": "%",
"CDC": r'$\mu$A',
"TOP": "Hz",
"ECLTRG": "Hz",
"CDC_CUR_AVERAGE": r'$\mu$A',
"ECLTRG_FAM_rate": "Hz",
"ECL_LUM_MON_ACC": r'$cm^{-2}s^{-1}10^{30}$',
"ECL_SPECIFIC_LUM_MON_ACC": r'$cm^{-2}s^{-1}mA^{-2}10^{30}$',
'BMHDCCT_LIFE': 'min',
......@@ -603,7 +603,10 @@ SKB2_UNITS = {
'SVD_OccMon.*': "%",
'PXD_O_.*_AVG_OCC_cur': "%",
"F_B_HER": 'unit(O)/nPa/mA',
"F_B_LER": 'unit(O)/nPa/mA',
"F_T_HER": r'unit(O)$\mu$m$^{3}$/mA',
"F_T_LER": r'unit(O)$\mu$m$^{3}$/mA',
"SKB_HER_current": "mA",
"SKB_LER_current": "mA",
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