Commit c317a485 authored by Yannik Buch's avatar Yannik Buch
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Added BGNET Bit alias (rather fixed it) and added bgnet logo and fixed a bug

parent ae600e35
......@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@ class elog():
self._b2rc_session = None
self.usernameb2rc = ''
self.passwordb2rc = ''
self.avatar = ''
if self.postMessageOfReport:
self._b2rc_session = requests.Session()
self._b2rc_session.auth = requests.auth.HTTPBasicAuth('cosmic', 'running')
......@@ -307,15 +307,14 @@ class elog():
'''Build and post message to RC.'''
if not ch.startswith('#') and not ch.startswith('@'):
raise AssertionError(f'Invalid channel or user name {ch}')
data = {'channel': ch, 'text': msg}
data = {'channel': '@marike.schwickardi', 'text': msg}
if self.alias:
data['alias'] = self.alias
if alias:
data['alias'] = str(alias)
if emoji and emoji.startswith(':'):
data['emoji'] = ':'.join(('', str(emoji).strip(':'), ''))
if avatar and avatar.startswith('http'):
data['avatar'] = avatar
if self.avatar and self.avatar.startswith('http'):
data['avatar'] = self.avatar
success = False
retries = 0
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