Commit 9487bad2 authored by Benjamin Schwenker's avatar Benjamin Schwenker
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Merge branch '44-add_bt_emittances_from_linac_archiver' into 'master'

adding PV for injection beam emittances

Closes #44

See merge request !46
parents 9ae872e7 05b2bf3b
......@@ -140,6 +140,11 @@ LINAC_PVS = [
"LIiRF:SB_5:SET_PHASE:KBP", # for positron beam
"LIiRF:KL_61:SET_PHASE:KBP", # for positron beam
"LIiRF:KL_DS:SET_PHASE:KBP", # for positron beam
"LI_OP:BT_INJ:NEX_1:GU_AT:KBP", # Emittance measured at "BT1" section of injector. First bunch in X
"LI_OP:BT_INJ:NEX_2:GU_AT:KBP", # 2nd bunch in X
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